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2013 Fashion Trends


If not, you still have time. This year is a good one for looking beautiful! Don't find yourself out of the loop at the next party, holiday gathering or night out. You can be yourself and still look fabulously trendy in some of the exciting styles that are popular right now! Putting On Your Jeans for 2013 Jeans are a diehard staple in any fashionable woman's closet. They are practical, durable and comfortable. The best part is that they seem to never go out of style - that is as long as you have the right cut and shape to wear. 2013 slims things down with dark skinny jeans that create a dramatic profile below the waist.

Distressed skinny jeans are just as appealing and can give you that casual edgy look. If blue denim isn't your thing then there are always versions in black and gray. Create something unique by wearing your favorite tops with a pair of coated skinny jeans. These feature a sleek, smooth texture that looks almost leathery. It's a great way to catch a few eyes with a pair of high heels. Alessandra Ambrosio, Jessica Biel and Eva Longoria have all been spotted in a pair of deliciously skinny jeans. Celebrate Gray in All Its Forms
The fall promises to be a good time for grays. This rather simple hue has big potential, if you're creative enough to put it on. The runway has seen models boasting long overcoats, furry hoods, luxurious wraps, capes and much more all in varying shades of gray.

Don't worry; you won't have to dull down your color selection to get on the gray bandwagon. Try incorporating a hint of orange, deep purple or blue. Gray garments also look stunning when worn with black and white. Try a pale pair of leggings with a gray top. Luxurious Leather All Year Round Leather has really made a place for itself in fashion magazines this year. Clothing-conscious women have even managed to work it into their warm weather outfits. Jackets, pants, shirts, vests and dresses in supple leather are making appearances everywhere. Perhaps celebrities like Jennifer Anniston, Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba set the stage by showing up in breathtaking leather-heavy garments last year. A lighter, almost paper thin material called "vegan leather" has come into the spotlight. This is another way to describe faux leather or pleather. Some production methods include laser cutting which gives the material an airy feel. That's great news for anyone who wants gorgeous clothing that isn't heavy and restrictive. Other lightweight options include goat or lamb skin leathers, although these materials lose the animal-friendly vibe. The fashion trends this year are very diverse, so explore many to find the perfect look for you! Everything from business-inspired suits to cutting edge rivet covered dresses have been presented by many big names in the fashion industry. Accessorize with beautiful jewelry and you will have a whole new look that is totally in for 2013!

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